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The Science of Philanthropy

That giving makes us feel good is an undeniable truth. We love knowing that we have contributed to making a difference around the issues that are most important to us. If we are going to give our money away, however, it is only natural that we want our donations to be as beneficial as possible. […]


The Science of Giving and Happiness

The joy felt upon receiving a gift or having an act of kindness be directed towards you is truly exceptional. What many may consider even more enjoyable however, is being on the opposite end of this selfless act. Giving to others evokes a sense of happiness felt by both parties, making it a mutually beneficial […]

William Nakulski philanthropy

Donating Life for the Cause

Philanthropists and those of charitable nature oftentimes donate their life work to improving the world. Whether it is ending poverty, fighting for world peace, or finding a cure for a terminal illness, individuals that devote their time and effort to the betterment of any cause are those that spark change in the world. Such is […]

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