Traveling is something most people want to do at one point in their life. Whether you’re looking to backpack through Asia or take a Caribbean cruise, there are tons of exciting destinations for you to discover. But did you know you can help charities while you’re traveling? It’s true! There are quite a few ways to incorporate charity into your travels, so let’s jump right in and do some good.

The first way you can help is by donating to charities via online bookings. We all know what a hassle it can be to find the right plane ticket or hotel, but your hard work can be rewarded if you know where to book from. Travel for Charity uses the comparison tool to allow you to find a great deal, while also donating 30% of your cost to a featured charity. This may seem like an easy out, but considering the hundreds of dollars you could donate from just one trip, you’ll do a lot of good with minimal effort.

If you’re interested in once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that also raise money for charity, check out Charitybuzz. The site runs as an auction platform, where you can bid on an experience, and all the proceeds go to charities. Some experiences include meet-and-greets with celebrities, a Parisian excursion, or even a custom remake of your favorite movie scene anywhere in the world. There are so many amazing experiences to discover, and, while the price may not suit everyone, you’ll know your money is going toward a great cause.

Another way to travel and give back at the same time is by providing volunteer work through a company, such as Projects Abroad. You’ll find all kinds of trips you can go on, and you’ll have the ability to make a real-world impact while you’re there. Although you may not initially be interested in traveling just to work, take a moment to reconsider. The way you’ll feel after seeing the impact of your hard work will be very rewarding.

Something most people haven’t considered is partnering with Pack for a Purpose. Many times while traveling, we leave extra space in our luggage for souvenirs or unexpected purchases. However, Pack for a Purpose takes advantage of that extra space by providing a list of destinations and the items each community needs. You can pack up the supplies in your suitcase, drop them off at the donation center when you arrive, and you’ll still have plenty of room for anything you want to bring back home. It is quite a simple way to give back.

Helping out those in need is one of the best mood-boosters you can find. You’ll often learn about new causes, and may be inspired to find other ways to support the people you’ve already helped. While you might not think of vacation as the ideal time to help others, take a minute to check out some of these organizations. You’ll gain knowledge and have fun experiences, all while doing some great work.