With the events of Hurricane Harvey continuing to unfold, Houston and most of Southeast Texas is expected to receive over 50 inches of rain in the next 9 days, which is more than the area’s annual average. The devastation so far has been catastrophic, and thousands of people’s homes have been destroyed. While things may seem glum, there are a large number of businesses and organizations doing their part to help those affected by the storm, both locally and nationally.

JPMorgan Chase is planning on giving American Red Cross $1 million in an effort to contribute to their relief funds. The company is also going to match their employees’ donations to a number of other nonprofit organizations, and even waive certain fees for customers of theirs residing in the Houston area, and those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

The telecommunications company AT&T is donating $100,000 to the Greater Houston Community Foundation, in addition to another $100,000 to American Red Cross’s Hurricane Harvey Fund. They are also giving $50,000 to the Coastal Bend Community Foundation; a charitable effort that surely sets a standard for other organizations aiding victims of the storm.

Walmart is another corporate giant that is aiming its relief efforts toward the Red Cross, as well as the Salvation Army and Convoy of Hope. They intend to give $1 million to these organizations; the same amount Home Depot is donating to them as well.

Local businesses and organizations are also doing their parts to help their Houston neighbors. The Loken Group has raised over $10,000 through it’s own charity (TLG Gives), and is also working alongside Keller Williams to transport supplies to local shelters and warehouses.

Gallery Furniture, a Houston-based furniture manufacturer, is opening its showroom to all residents in need of shelter. Victims of Hurricane Harvey can rest and utilize the many mattresses the store provides while evading the the floodwaters.

Hurricane Harvey’s path of destruction is truly debilitating for the residents of Houston and Southeast Texas, but with the help of volunteers, donations, and organizations around the world doing their part, they can begin to rebuild. If you would like to contribute, visit any of the donation pages of the organizations mentioned above.