William Nakulski is an entrepreneur, a husband, and a father who is passionate about giving back to his community and engaging in philanthropic efforts.

Some of the many charities which William holds dear to his heart include: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Cancer Research Institute, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Many of these diseases have touched his life personally and have motivated him to seek out ways to enable research (and hopefully cures) for them in particular. However William, who has a long background in computer science and information technology, is fascinated in general by the endless opportunities that technology has to offer. Perhaps no channel is more promising than unearthing the causes and cures of biological diseases.

William’s philosophy is simple: we can do anything that we want to do; we just need the proper knowledge and technology to guide our efforts. As technology improves at an exponential pace, so does humankind’s chance to improve the treatment and ultimate curing of diseases.

A longtime science buff, William Nakulski enjoys incorporating the subject into his daily life– whether that means reading about new developments in disease treatments or simply imparting weekly scientific wisdoms to his equally curious children.

In his spare time William Nakulski enjoys listening to music (or making his own) and spending time with his family and friends.